Sewer gas in shower- HELP
Posted by Barb on March 25, 2002 at 10:47:17:
After showering we have a strong sewer gas smell in the shower. We have had a plumber clean out the lines in the shower, tub and vent pipe - no blockage. He has drained the water out of the ptrap - no odor. After reading several questions posed to you, you had mentioned a vent fan might cure the problem - well we installed a temporary retrofitted duct fan to see if it would work - we used a 6in in-line duct fan with reducers to fit our 2in. vent pipe - it didn't work - please help any suggestions on what to try next. We are desparate for a solution - Our plumber, as a last resort, is suggesting we rip out the shower to hopefully locate the problem - can we avoid the expense of having to rip out the entire shower to locate the trouble. We live in Phoenix, AZ and the home is 10 years old. HELP!

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