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Posted by hj on March 25, 2002 at 08:37:46:
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The quality of these materials varied greatly and there were also different grades of pipe, so you would have to know both factors to get a good answer. Concrete pipe, typically, has a poor resistance to settling and can crack fairly easily. But in either case, the joints at that time were made with cement and it was a poor material to protect against root invasion. So, even if the pipe is still intact, I would assume you would have problems with stoppage due to roots, and the roots growing through the joints could also crack them.
: What is the life expectancy of concrete and clay tile sewer lines? I live in Seattle and most of the houses are over 70 years old and some are over 90. I was told by a plumber that it is 50 years. Can you help me become more educated on these old sewer lines?
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: Gary

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