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Posted by James on March 24, 2002 at 18:36:03:
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I have the same dishwasher and the same leak. Upon much investigation of the door and replacement of the door seal I've discovered the following:

That sponge that you can see or feel at the door bottom was put there for a reason. The reason is that Maytag knows that the dishwasher is going to leak! For several years the leak will be minor and the sponge will soak up the minor leak and then it will dry out over night or during the day while you are at work. This might go on for a couple of years. During this time the dampness will cause rust of the lower door and the backside of your door panels and hinges. However, Maytag doesn't care as their rust warranty is for 5 years and they know it will not become apparant until after the 5th year.

After a few years the leak gets worse. Then more water continues to leak out and now the sponge cannot hold it all. Then it will start running down the wiring behind the drip area onto the floor. You will see that their is a small metal shield to help the water avoid the upper part of the wiring but as it gets worse it is no use.

I am still working to stop my leak but after taking things apart and examining the design I can say that I'm really disappointed that they are selling us a machine that starts leaking shortly after using in your home. Don't have the answers you want but yes most of us with the Maytag dishwashers are having the same problem. Of course many people are not even aware of it just yet but give them another couple of years and they will.

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