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Posted by edj on March 23, 2002 at 22:37:49:
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: thanks for the past post about my problem I wanted to ask--I had 27 inch risers installed on my septic system--they did not replace the original lids back in the holes (in the ground) only new lids on the risers--I was wondering could the gap of air between the septic system and the risers cause the gas smell--that might be a stretch but I wanted to ask as I have put out a lot of money lately and I am hoping to get help here and solve the problem--so should I put back on the old lids on top of the holes and then the lids to the risers?--also would it take a long time for the smell to leave my house once I do find the problem--if I ever do
: thank you

If the lids aren't on the tank the air around the tank would be unpleasant but it wouldn't cause the problem in the house unless the wind is blowing it in.If the smell is coming from the traps then it sounds like they are being siphoned out which points to a venting problem.Can you explain a little more about what your plumber replaced?

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