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Posted by hj on March 23, 2002 at 20:10:19:
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You have to unfasten it from the bottom of the sink and then it will come off without any effort. The hardest part is usually getting the old faucet off the sink.

: I want to replace it anyhow because it's old and ugly, but it doesn't have spray hose next to it.
: Do I just begin unscrewing things until it's all apart and then pry it up from the seal?

: : Whether you have to change the faucet or not depends on the make and model and whether you have a separate spray hose on or next to it.

: : : Hello Mr. Love! How gracious of you to provide free advice to those of us out there willing to try something but with not a clue how to proceed. I need to replace my kitchen faucet because it doesn't have any water pressure. The water was shut off for a day and when it came back on and I was clearing the pipes of air, something went "clunk" in the tap and there is no longer any pressure. I took off the piece at the end of the faucet thinking something was trapped in the screen, but it appears to be inside the faucet somewhere. The dishwasher works fine so I know it's not in the pipes leading to the sink. What tools do I need to replace it once I purchase a new one and can you advise me of any pitfalls I should be aware of before I pry off the old one?

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