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Posted by melissa mckenna on March 23, 2002 at 14:44:33:
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I wanted to ask this--when we had the septic system cleaned I had the plumber to install 27 inch risers so that the opening would be above ground--when they did this they did not replace the original caps back on the old system and then the new they only put on the new lids (on the tops of the risers) is it possible that the smell could be because the original lids were not placed back on and the air gap might be causing the smell to come back into the house--I have the original lids and with help could put them back on--but as you can see I am trying to figure this out before putting out more money as I have already done that and now I have a smell--thanks for your advice.: : I had my septic system cleaned out and new plastic tile put in after that I started noticing a terrible smell coming from the bathroom I had the plumber out and he said it was the water in the trap in my sink drying out from the heat causes the gas to come up--I have never had this problem until I had the system cleaned and pipes replaced--I do not know what to do--should I call a different plumber--change my pipes under my sink??? I need advice please help me email me at if you have some idea what I should do---thank you

: It would take a long time of non-use for the trap to dry out unfortunately without seeing what the plumber did it is hard to assess. You might want to get a second opinion

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