Tub Faucet Repair - American Standard (1965 era)
Posted by Kevin John on March 21, 2002 at 10:36:45:
I had a tub faucet that was leaking. It is an American Standart, (hot, cold and diverter handles.) The hot was leaking. I replaced the valve unit, taking out the old one which crumbled apart. It is brass with a rubber boot on the end. However, when I put in the new valve, the handle became spongy. The handle spins at when closed or when open. There is a seat fitting that holds the valve in place. If I tighten that fitting too much the valve does not open well, just a trickle of water comes out. If I back off on the fitting the thing becomes spongy. I am at a loss. What am I missing here? Do I tighten the fitting down with the valve open or closed? Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.

Kevin John

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