Re: Water pressure too high and Tile under toilets
Posted by Gary Swart on March 20, 2002 at 20:23:01:
In response to Re: Water pressure too high and Tile under toilets
Problem #1. Install a pressure regulator where the water comes into the house. They're not too expensive, but they do have to be installed in the line. Not hard to do. If you have easy access to the pipe and can sweat a joint you can do it yourself.
Problem #2. Toilets are surprisingly easy to uninstall and install. You cam get any number of DYS books that illustrate how, but basically all you do is: turn off water supply. Flush tank, plunge as much water out of bowl as possible, sop up the rest with rag/sponge. Unscrew water supply line. Remove the two bolts that hold the toilet to the flange. Rock the toilet to break the seal. Lift it clear. To install, clean off the residue from the old ring, install new ring seal on the flange,(I like the new Fluidmaster wax-less)Use new bolts (come with the ring)Put the toilet on the ring and press down and rock it a little to seat. Snug up the bolts, hook up the water supply, and that should do it. Of course look for leaks, Murphy's Law you know.

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