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Posted by hj on March 19, 2002 at 23:30:11:
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They are the only way to provide drainage when the house is below the level of the sewer systam. There are some things that are unique to a system that serves an entire building rather than just the basement. First there should be two pumps. They should have an electronic alternator system so that the rotate operation. In addition there should be s circuit to operate both pumps if one fails or cannot work fast enough. Then there should be an alarm system to indicate when the pumps are not working or are not working properly and the water is getting too full in the receiving basin. Finally, the alarm system should be connected to a valve on the water supply so that no water can be used in the event of pump or power failure. Otherwise if water could be used but the pump could not dispose of it, the house will flood.

: Help! I am in the process of purchasing my first home. The entire house is hooked to a sewage ejector
: pump system. I am unfamiliar with these units and only find information regarding using them for
: basement sewage only. Is it normal to have an entire house dependant on the pump? Are there common
: problems associated with these? Can the main sewage line back up into our system causing flooding
: through the drains? Do the check-valves clog? What are some precautions that I should be aware of
: with these pumps. Please put my mind at ease, I am very aprehensive about this system and wonder
: if we should pass on the house. Thanks so much!

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