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Posted by Steve on March 19, 2002 at 16:14:23:
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: I used my first one in my own house a couple of weeks ago to see how it works. It seems to have sealed properly, but the problem is that when you set the bowl the do not get any "feedback" that it actually centered on the seal and pressed against it properly. The only way to tell if it worked is to use it and then see if any leakage shows up in the future. And the moisture you saw was not from the previous leak. It was because the newest wax seal was also leaking. But that is common to the horned rings.

: : I am in the process of reseating my toilet and was wondering which is better: Wax rings or wax-free bowl gasket? The flange is not recessed in my linolium floor but it also has a slight lean to one side. The flange is the original, about 52 years old and it is cast iron. The floor is also slighlty pitched but ever so slight. It is the flange that concerns me. When we bought the house 6 years ago ther toilet leaked and caused dry rot around the flange. I had a plumber replace it and it began leaking about two years later. I replaced it with a horned wax ring and it seemed to help solve the problem. I recently replaced the floor in the bathroom and when tearing out the old flooring, it was moist in the underlayment around the toilet so I think either it might have still been leaking or it never dried out in the last 3 years underneath the old linolium floor before being replaced. I have purchased a Fluidmaster wax-free bowl gasket because I thought the leaning flange might be causing the leak but I also bought their neoprene reinforced horned wax ring. i have not tried either one yet but my wife is about to leave me if I do not get this toilet in soon (kidding). Really, I am not sure how good the wax-free gasket is compared to the wax ring. Oh yeah, I have reset on other bowl with the wax ring in the past with no problems. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Steve.

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I am a DIYer and have used many wax rings. If I think there might be a problem I use 2 wax rings. It is ok if the wax squezzes out It means that it sealed the space and excess is being forced out. Good luck.

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