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Posted by Terry Love on March 18, 2002 at 11:15:58:
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: Hello, all. I'm finally to the point where I'm installing the shower valve (thingee). It has 4 female threaded openings, which I'm guessing the male threaded copper fittings screw into. I put pipe thread compound on the fittings and wrenched them into the shower valve. I plan on soldering 90 degree elbows into these fittings. Question? I guess I have to solder on these elbows but won't the heat melt or destroy the Pipe thread compound and cause leaks when I'm done? The install directions don't say anything about it!

I like to solder the MA's (male adapters) to copper pipe first.
I let them cool, with water if I'm in a hurry, which I always am,
put the thread sealant on and screw them in.
I don't like a lot of heat getting to the pipe sealant.

I hang the valve from the shower head adapter first. Makeing sure, it will be secure and at the proper depth for the finish trim.
Then I solder on whatever 90 el's I need to make the connections.

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