Re: Gas Pipe Underground - Advice Please
Posted by hj on March 17, 2002 at 22:23:32:
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If I had done it, I might have used the green pipe it the installation were too small to warrant using polyethylene. But if I had, I would have wrapped the entire pipe in the 20 mil tap, since that pipe is the least reliable material for an underground gas line. In addition, the riser would have either been the green pipe or galvanized, since we do not allow black pipe outdoors.

: I had a plumber run a gas line for me to change the configuration of a feed
: into a fireplace. He ran all green pipe underground, except the section
: that comes straight up through the ground vertically into the fireplace.
: That section goes through dirt as well. There he used a galvanized piece
: that he wrapped in 20 mil plumbers tape. Is this sufficient or should I
: have him change that section out with green pipe too? I notice that he
: wrapped the joints in 20 mil tape too that are under ground. I wonder if he
: used galvanized fittings there. Is this OK?Mike

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