Rusty Cast Iron Pipes - Advice Please
Posted by Mike Roback on March 17, 2002 at 16:11:34:
I am doing a remodel and a gas pipe fitting that the plumber got out of his
truck to change the direction of a gas pipe and an large toilet elbow have
surface rust on them. The fitting probably because it had been outside at
one point and the elbow because there was a leak apparently from around the
toilet down to the lower level. Both are in the ceiling of the first level
of a house. Anyway, I had been planning to spray both of these items with
an encapsulating rust inhibiting paint but the drywaller beat me to it and
closed off access for me to get to it. Is it worth tearing the drywall off
to spray these two items. It isn't alot of drywall as one is in a small
closet and the other is under a small soffet. I am not familiar with such
situations. Does surface rust continue to eat at the pipe if not removed
and painted over? Is painting such items even worth the trouble or should I
just forget it? Thanks for your adivice.

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