Low/erratic hot water pressure
Posted by donovan on March 16, 2002 at 11:38:45:
I have a split entry house with two bathrooms...one up and one down. I began to have trouble with the water pressure. At first, the pressure had a large increase. After time, the hot and cold water pressure decreased to a trickle. We had the pressure regulator changed and also a washer in the shut off valve on the cold water pipe leading to the hot water tank. The pressure seemed normal for a brief time (until the plumber left). Then, the cold water pressure remained, but the hot water was/is erratic. The only way to get the pressure back is to turn on the cold water first, then the hot water at the laundry tubs in the basement (a few feet away from the hot water heater), then, the pipes bang a little and we get the pressure back in the whole house. (The downstairs bathroom pressure is also affected until we do this)
Any suggestions?

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