Re: PVC toilet flange
Posted by Beamer on March 15, 2002 at 18:36:52:
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: Im installing a basement toilet and am concerned that the PVC flange will crack when I screw it down to the concrete. I've haven't glued the flange in yet, but have tried it in the existing roughed in drain. The surrounding concrete isn't perfectly level and the drain sits off the concrete a slight bit in places (not much). Is there some kind of caulk or filler I can use to fill this void, so not to crack my flange once in place???

That flange will give a little bit,use a screw driver vs. a power driver when tighten the anchors,, and/or put a plastic shim under the flange to prevent it from giving.

Problem now is that the toilet will ride the flange and not sit on the floor. Fix this by mixing some tile grout and setting the toilet in a bed of this stuff, clean good with a sponge, let dry, seal it to prevent mold growth and use as normal, anything less then a 1/2 inch gap is usually acceptable.

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