Re: Whats a good water heater
Posted by edj on March 14, 2002 at 23:40:07:
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: I want to replace the water heater in my third story attic, it's gas. What heater can I put there so as not to ever have to worry about it busting or leaking.

: What does glass lined mean, and what if the heater was damaged in shipping and the glass cracked (how would I know)

: What is a good tankless heater and would this be a better alternative, there are only two of us here with no kids, and 4 bathrooms, but only two with bathtubs.

Even the best water heater,tankless included have a tendency to fail eventually.There are pans specially made to fit under the tank to catch and drain the water from a failure.The outlet is big enough to handle full flow and it can be piped out of the house.Again I've seen top of the line water heaters leak after a short period of time and I've seen heaters that are 30 yrs old and still going strong so you should protect yourself regardless of what kind of tank you buy

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