Re: will a sump pump drain work as a vent?
Posted by hj on March 13, 2002 at 07:54:59:
In response to Re: will a sump pump drain work as a vent?
As soon as the pump started, your piping would become its drain and the water would enter the sewer system. Apparently that would be illegal in your area otherwise the pump would have been attached to the sewer system originally. Water is stupid. It takes the easiest route and would not remember it was supposed to go all the way up to the roof and drain to the outside.

: I'm adding a sink and washing machine to a basement. I can easily drain them into the main stack. But finding a place to vent each is difficult. Nearby is a sump pump and a 2 inch drain pipe that goes up to the ceiling, accross to the outside wall, then down about 6 feet, and out the back of the house. Can I tie the new vents into the sump pump drain--even though it goes up and down--since the end of the drain is outside?

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