Re: new toilets vs old
Posted by Terry Love on March 12, 2002 at 10:25:37:
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: We're moving into an old house that has old high-flow toilets that look ok and seem to work just fine. However, I've been sold on your enthusiasm for Toto. If expense weren't an issue, would you recommend retaining the old toilets or replacing them? Thanks --

If the old toilets are working, then there is not much reason for changing. Unless, your area is short on water.
A good 1.6 toiet will plug less than the old ones.
They do have less water in the bowl, so more attention to cleaning the bowl is needed.
It doesn't sound as if Gary Swart has much experience with the good ones so I would take his comment with a grain of salt. I have had most of these toilets installed in the home at one point or another.
Nice things about the good ones, They're ready to reflush in 11 seconds. They look more modern. My water bill is less every month. They plug less.

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