Leak from hot water supply faucett to washer
Posted by Sally on March 12, 2002 at 01:10:48:
Yes Gary,the hot water hose from the washer is screwed to the shutoff faucett that goes into the drywall, and when I tried tightning the nut you told me to tighted, the whole thing turns, the faucett and the pipe that goes into the wall along with the hose thats connected to it. that is drywall,its too late to start pounding on the walls tonight so tomorrow, I'll make a small hole in the wall from the back side of the wall, the back of the wall is my closet, so if the plumber has to do the work it will be eazyier for him to work with, hopefully Gary, maybe thats all it is. I think I've aged ten years just thinking about what it might cost me. I will ask him to put in a new shutoff faucett. I'll keep you posted on whats happening, thanks a great bunch Gary, you'r so kind to write back...Sally

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