Re: Can a toilet be vented ?
Posted by More on March 11, 2002 at 22:18:19:
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The toilet sits on top of a 3" Tee - where do the other branches go? Is the side of the Tee passing through floor joist spaces and receiving waste from another toilet or from a shower? Is the bottom of the Tee entering a closet bend and then entering another Tee at the Soil Stack? If so is the top of the soil stack Tee rising to the roof as a 3 inch vent? You may find that you have all the vent you need, if you look for it. If you really need to vent on the upstream side, you need to ensure no opportunity for waste to foul the vent, and the building code approves of the connection, or you will have a VERY EXPENSIVE home repair cost at the time you decide to sell the House.

: Can I vent the toilet on the up hill side of the drain
: do to space toilet sits on top of a 3" tee

: THANKS Duanne

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