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Posted by More on March 11, 2002 at 21:53:53:
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You can pretty easily do the job yourself for less than half the price of as professional, if you are careful and conscientious. The old linoleum is glued down. A hair dryer, or rented heat gun will soften the glue enough to get a putty knife under the tiles, and lift them off, and also scrape away the majority of the old adhesive. Thirteen years is NOT an old floor. The subfloor should not be damaged, ripped torn or most important, WET ! Most tile and flooring supply houses sell new linoleum at about 2 dollars per square or less, but you should also look at the self applied single material flooring (such as Armstrong or Congoleum) It is soft. pliable, easy to clean, easily molded around pipes and fixtures, and long lasting.

: In most cases they would want a smooth defect free
: underlayment. Especially with linoleum since any defects will show up in a matter of time.

: : We are trying to get a bid for a linoleum replacement for our bathroom. The only local company interested
: : in the job is insisting that the underlayment in the bathroom has to be replaced because it is older than
: : five years, (13 years old) and therefore would be dried out and soak up all the adhesive. The bathroom is
: : 5' by 6' has 24' of coved area, so it is already expensive to do the job. With medium grade linoleum, they
: : want about $700.00 to remove and install new materials. Since $150.00 of this is for new underlayment,
: : and there is no sign of water damage anywhere, we were wondering. Is this necessary, or normal?

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