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You can find almost all of what you want right here on Terry Loves web site. Look above at the FAQ's and in these posts, and in the Shopping section above. A rough in measurement is the term used when the house is framed, plywood subfloors are in (but not finished floors like tile or radiant heat, or hardwood flooring) and the plumbing DWV (sewer drain, waste, vent) is going to be placed, and the plumber needs to know if a long bowl toilet, or a bidet, or suspended tank toilet is going to be installed, and how far away from the walls is the Flange required to be placed. Various Toilet valves are used, but they are opimally included with the toilet installation, and are worry free for ten or more years. You hear the concern for different valves in these posts since many of the homes are more than thirty years old, and use flapper valves, and pull chain flush valves, in tank valves, etc. Whirlpool tubs are offering many options since there are many other manufacturers than just Whirlpool, but the concerns you have are very different from mine or Terry's or Bill Gate's, ( or the Mad Plumber's for that matter) But you want to be concerned for ease of cleaning, (and service) lack of noise from the heaters and motors, and pumps disturbing others in other rooms, and maybe electrical safety that young unattended kids cant get electrical shock from fooling with the controls while they are naked in the water. Look up above in the items this WONDERFUL web page has to offer, and remember Terry if fifty! so be good to him (He's sensitive about this subject)

: I'm going to have a new bathroom built, and have been looking at toilets, tubs, lavatories, etc. I constantly come across terms I don't understand (I'm a real novice). Do you know where I can find (on the Web, hopefully) definitions of the terms used? For example, what does "rough-in" mean with respect to toilets? What are the various kinds of toilet valves? What are the various options for whirlpool tubs? etc.

: Many thanks.

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