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Posted by More on March 11, 2002 at 20:16:58:
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The inside cutter is a ceramic tile cutting tool that is most often found in craft shops and stone cutter / polishing supply houses, machine tool supply houses, but sometimes can be found in Home Depot Tool section. Home Depot sells cutting tools that look like what you want in their router and Dremel power tool areas, but mostly Home Depot only has wood cutting blades, not tile or ceramic pipe cutting blades. It looks like a straight shaft that chucks into the 3/8 drill with a horizontal cutting wheel. Home Depot types are made of softer metal, and work somewhat okay for wood, but will dull much too quickly on sewer pipe for your job. Cutting and polishing tools for stone and gem work are made of much harder material and are sometimes found with industrial diamond impregnated teeth.

: My sewer pipe is in the basement cement and I need to cut it down below the floor to properlly install the flange. I understand that I can use an inside cutter (little saw) on a 3/8 drill to cut the pipe. I've been looking for one and noone seems to know what it is(that is if I am propperly explaining it). What is an inside cutter and where can I find one?

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