Re: Bathroom floor replacement old underlayment
Posted by one opinion on March 10, 2002 at 22:00:58:
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In most cases they would want a smooth defect free
underlayment. Especially with linoleum since any defects will show up in a matter of time.

: We are trying to get a bid for a linoleum replacement for our bathroom. The only local company interested
: in the job is insisting that the underlayment in the bathroom has to be replaced because it is older than
: five years, (13 years old) and therefore would be dried out and soak up all the adhesive. The bathroom is
: 5' by 6' has 24' of coved area, so it is already expensive to do the job. With medium grade linoleum, they
: want about $700.00 to remove and install new materials. Since $150.00 of this is for new underlayment,
: and there is no sign of water damage anywhere, we were wondering. Is this necessary, or normal?

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