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Posted by Gary Swart on March 10, 2002 at 01:26:34:
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I think they saw you coming. I know the tank is a very expensive one, but from you description of the layout, there is no reason for charging more than $100. Here's why. To remove the old tank, there are two water fittings to unscrew, the ventline to disconnect,(one screw on mine)the gas line to be disconnected, and the fan to be unplugged from the wall. This disconnection process should take 3 to 5 minutes. The tank should have already been drained by you, so after the disconnection business is done, the old tank is taken out on a hand cart, the new one brought in, and the disconnection process reversed. Allow a extra 20 minutes to put pipe compound on the pipe connections, test the gas line for leaks, fill the tank and check for leaks. A novice, no a raw beginner, should have this done in about 30 minutes. If 30 more minutes for travel time from the shop and $20 to dispose of the old tank are added on, there should be change from a C note. Especially since the shop is making several hundred dollars profit on the sale of tank.
Sorry you plumbers, but this kind of stuff is what gives your profession a bad name.

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