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Posted by hj on March 09, 2002 at 23:14:04:
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In some areas type M is the material of choice for above the floor plumbing. Whether it is a problem for you may not be apparent for several years if ever.

: During a recent repair to a boiler-mate (BM)in my home I discovered what appeared to be very thin-wall Type M copper pipe (~1/32-1/64). I compared what I found with another section of scrap I had available and found an alarming difference. After much consideration I figured that possibly either electrolysis or some acidic reaction was taking place, none of which happened to be the case. I talked then to some local plumbing supply stores and was informed that I built my home the same time some inadequate Type M copper was being retailed. It appears that I've plumbed either my entire home, or atleat, a sizeable portion of it with this thin-walled Type M copper. Three questions; How does this pipe get stamped or labeled, "Type M", copper, have you even heard of a problem such as this, and could you have another reason to support my discovery.

: Thanks Much, Mike M.

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