leak from hot water supply faucett to a clothes washing machine
Posted by Sally on March 09, 2002 at 20:54:34:
I've lived in my two story condo for ten years, when I moved in I noticed a leak from the hot water supply faucett, I would temporary just wrap a towel around the faucet and when my hot wash was done, I would turn off the the hot water faucett. will shameles to say, this is what I've been doing for the last 10 years. will one day I set out to do my hot water wash, took off for the whole day, and came home around midnight, to find water leaking from my ceiling in the downstairs, remembering I left the faucett on, I went upstairs to turn the faucett off, the water stoped leaking, I didn't find any water around the washer, where can all that water be coming from, cana't believe it was from that small leak. how do I repair this? could this be all from the leak on the faucett? don't have a problem if I turn the water off, its only if I leave the hot water on. dos'nt happen with the cold water. sorry to turn this into a story book..some one Help please, don't want to call a plumber if I can fix it myself. thank you

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