Re: main water line
Posted by Gavin on March 09, 2002 at 19:29:33:
In response to Re: main water line
: Is this because you don't know how to "sweat" a joint? If so, get a torch, some pipe and fittings, a home repair book, and practice on a fews joints. It's not rocket science although a times you have some problems to figure out like how to get a line completely drained or how to heat a joint and not set the house on fire, but they are not impossible. My joints sure aren't pretty, but they're watertight and are solid, and the more I do, the better they look.

The way I understood it is that sweated connections are not allowed underground. From what I can tell, I need some type of flare/crimped connection at the meter. Maybe the code is different, but in Colorado I was told no sweated fittings.

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