Re: Horizontal Pipe replacement.
Posted by Gary Swart on March 08, 2002 at 23:58:46:
In response to Re: Horizontal Pipe replacement.
Problem is you must understand the difference between pressure and volume. Extreme example. Take a tube the size of a soda straw. Connect it to your water line and to a pressure gauge. You will show full water pressure on the gauge. However, when you open the straw, the volume of water will be quite small. Your old pipes are full of corrosion and probably resemble a soda straw inside. The pressure is fine, but there's no volume and of course as soon as you are trying to draw water from additional taps, there's no more pressure. Another analogy is to think air pressure and volumn. A bicycle tire may have 70 psi, a car tire if inflated with say 32 psi. Where's the volume? I think you get the idea. I'd use copper if it was my house.

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