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Posted by heather on March 08, 2002 at 20:45:50:
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: : : : : I am planning an addition off the back of the house, and with the new bathroom there is an issue of the drainage being lower than the existing sewage line in the front of the house. Other than running the drainage down the outside of the house to tie-into the lowest point close to the street (which is about 150 feet) and ripping up the concrete along the side, is there another more reasonable alternative in terms of cost?

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: : : Your only alternative is running drains into a sump barrel with an ejector pump to lift it to your existing drainage.

: : Thank you. Is that a more cost effective way to handle the issue? Can you recommend a system? Are there common problems associated with that type of system, such as noise, frequent replacement, malfunction, etc?

: : Thanks!

: When installing an ejector pump there are a few considerations. The barrel needs to be vented with minimum 2" pipe. If you don't have access to main vent stack or to roof that could be a problem. You also have to run the dicharge line to your existing drains, If it's across the house then you will have the pipe to box around. You would also need to be able to access the barrel to service the pump from time to time. It is a mechanical part and like anything it can break down.The pump should be checked on periodically and any debris built up should be washed away via hose.The ejectors we use are made by Myers and seem to be fine. Again this is an alternative solution ideally if you could have proper grade and tie in permantley to your sewer you would aviod future maintainence,noise and cosmetic issues within the house. If you could work around these issues then an ejector pump would be the less expensive way to go.

Thank you!

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