Re: main water line
Posted by gavin on March 08, 2002 at 18:56:32:
In response to Re: main water line
: It's likely the pipe is mostly corroded shut, so just replacing the line would help. However, it's also likely the meter is 5/8", so the value of the 1" pipe would be minimized. While you're doing it, consider a new 1" meter. $2500 is quite excessive. Look into doing the trench yourself and then shop for someone to do the pipe and meter.

I think a large portion of the $2500 covers the cost of the road cut. I have tried several plumbers who arent interested in only connecting the pipe. They want the whole job or nothing which leaves me at trying to figure out what kind of connection (no sweating) is used at the meter. My guess is this would be an half hour job for someone who knows how.

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