Horizontal Pipe replacement.
Posted by Mike on March 08, 2002 at 15:32:21:
We have a 20's house that has had some replumbing, but the pipes in the basement are galvanized. At one point, there was a new supply brought in from the street. For the most part, water pressure is good in the house (we are on Seattle City Water system), but when more than one faucet is open (or toilet flushed, etc), the pressure drop alot.

For the most part it isn't a big deal except if someone is in the shower. I understand that we can probably get a lot of this condition fixed by having the horizontal pipes replaced in the basement. Eventually, we'd want to do most of the others, but don't want to incur that kind of expense yet.

Is the new PEX good? Or should it be done with Copper?

Thanks for your help.

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