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Posted by LB on March 08, 2002 at 08:39:01:
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Thank you for the information!

: Might I folishly ask why the plumbing service was initially called out to clear pipes adjacent to the mobile home? Might I also ask if the mobile home suffered slow drainage prior to the high pressure jetting? Let's just assume that everything was perfect in the mobile home. One reason your research might discover for a backup of sewage into the bathroom of the mobile home adjacent to the high pressure water jetting is this. The high pressure jet is a hose from a pressure pump connected to a nozzle that utilizes flow restrictors (facing downstream) which increase the velocity of the pressurized feed water even more, for the purpose of cleaning rust, scale, slime, grease, rocks, bacteria, paper wads, sanitary napkins, and fecal matter and pushing that mass ahead of it to a place about sixty feet away, where the sewer line gets larger and will allow gravity fall drainage (usually where a four inch house line falls into a six or eight inch street sewer main). Mobile Home parks are traditionally known for their attempt to save costs and expense on infrastructure, while attempting to maximize on monthly rental and space fees. Mobile home parks are usually constructed on private property and often install three hundred foot runs of four inch sewer pipe in their driveways, before the sewer exits the property and drops into the six or eight inch main. The mobile homes themselves are often utilizing 3 inch sewer drains that connect to that four inch sewer.

: When a high pressure jetting tool is inserted into a grease impacted 4 inch line, it has a hard time pushing itself, its high force water, and the slime ball in front of it down the line all that distance. The high pressure jetter is capable of diverting some of the high pressure water from a forward (downstream) direction to a rearward (upstream) direction - with the intention of causing a " high pressure jet stream boost" to force the nozzle, its supply hose, and the slime ball downstream. When that wad of "stuff" does not go downstream very fast, the rearward jet then builds up in the four inch pipe and quickly fills that up, and then rises up the 3 inch mobile home connections and begins to back up into the tubs and showers of the mobile homes adjacent.

: I hope this bit of information adds to your research project, and you will pass it on to others who might benefit from it.

: : Hi!

: : I am doing research pertaining to plumbing problems which occurred in a mobile home.

: : Recently a plumbing service was contacted to clear pipes adjacent to a mobile home. The pipes were cleared using a high pressure water jetting systems.

: : After the cleaning of the pipes, the owners of the mobile home found that sewage had backed up into their home (in the bathroom).

: : What could have caused this? What could have prevented this from occurring?

: : I would appreciate any help you may offer.

: : Thank you!

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