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First things first. The problem surfaced when you replaced the kitchen faucet. Rotten egg smell is indicitave of sulfer or sulfer dioxide, hydrogen dioxide sometimes when in much higher concentrations and usually in warm water areas. The sulfer can come from many areas, but your first and best bet is to contact the place you bought the kitchen faucet and ask for warrantee analysis of your water odor and brackish water problem, to prevent a health problem for your family( since you paid money for the purchase- and the manufacturer wants your repeat business with no adverse publicity).Standing water which turns grey or black is indicative of bacterial oxygen contamination and or Bacterial Oxygen Demand (BOD) or suspended solids and or possibly cross connection with sewage burdened and contaminated water. If you don't get satisfaction, e-mail me at

: We are having a problem with the rotten egg smell only in the kitchen and only the cold water; it tastes terrible too. This problem has not appeared in any of our bathrooms, the laundry or basement. The problem surfaced several months ago about the time we replaced the water softener and the kitchen faucet. The faucet was replaced within a week or two after the softener. We are unable to recall if the odor started after the softener installation or faucet but has been plaguing us ever since. We never had a problem in the previous 20 years in this house.

: Since this started sometimes when a dish is set to soak in the sink the water turns gray/black. Also, when we are using the cold water for several minutes, such as veggie prep, the odor abates briefly. Everything we've found on this issue deals with the hot water heater and our hot water is fine. Any ideas on what may have triggered this and what can we do to resolve it?

: We have tried the bleach in the softener routine which tones things down for a day or so. We need a cure, not a short term fix.

: Thanks.

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