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Posted by More on March 07, 2002 at 23:34:35:
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You have the advantage of Trenchless technology on your side. Television camera color inspection of the sewer line, its damage, its location, and its estimate to repair are readily available in your area. Look in the yellow pages for pipeline rehabilitation. Companies insert a small robotically operated video camera and light into the sewer, find the weak and damaged spots to see that all is okay for a repair, and insert a resin impregnated baloon into the sewer from the house to the mainline. Then they inflate the baloon with high heat low pressure steam to exactly fit the sewer line as an inside high tensile strength liner, they allow the liner to heat temper, then slowly cool; then they insert a cutter to cut the end of the baloon off, and you have a newly rehabilitated sewer line good for another seventy five years. One such company is SWERP Inc, at (800)507-9370 (but they're in Pa.) If you cant find another closer to your home, e-mail me at for help

: I have a 75 year old house in Chicago. The sewer line is under the concrete basement floor. It appears the old pipe ( clay) has broken. Is there a way to fix it without digging up the basement floor??

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