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Posted by jim on March 07, 2002 at 23:31:50:
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: You say that you have verified that the pump is turning, but have you verified that the pump shaft is actually turning the pump impeller? Just because the pump motor engages and hums and vibrates when you add water does not mean that the impeller is turning. There are a few things you could do to see whats wrong. 1) you could tap the exhaust line and install a pressure gauge to read the pump exhaust pressure; 2) you could cut the 2 inch pvc after the check valve, and add a clear pipe hose section with a flow restrictor to examine the pump output visually; or 3 ) you can unbolt the pump and impeller from the sump pump shroud and physically examine the impeller for damage, and the keyway in the pump motor shaft to see if the impeller is firmly attached and spins forcefully when the motor runs.

: There is not likely an installation problem ; or even an "undersized pump" problem, if the pump worked well for a year or more.

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: : I have a submersible sewage pump in a well in the floor of my basement because the main sewer line leaves the basement wall about 2' above the basement floor.

: : When the 2" PVC above the pump and check valve (approx 10') is empty, the pump has plenty of power to push open the check valve and pump water out (I am testing w/water before throwing "solids" at it). However, when the PVC column is full of water, the pump just runs and runs, but never pushes any water. I have verified that the pump is turning, and therefore have concluded that the pump doesn't have the power to overcome the pressure of the column of water and open the check valve.

: : Is this a clear sign that the pump is undersized, or if something is wrong w/the pump, or is there possibly some installation problem?

: : Thx,
: : Tim

If your pump is pushing the waste down hill the system is air locking. The system siphons the water from the pit until the impeller is out of the water the check valve closes at that time. As this type of pump is not self priming it will run but not displace any water. Drill a small hole (1/4") in the pipe just above the pipe connection to the pump. The system will siphon until this hole sucks air leaving water in the basin and the pump primed.

Is the a true grinder pump or a sewage pump not capable of grinding any materials. Contractors use the latter type of pump because they are cheaper. Their not very effective at moving alot of debris. Be careful of guest causing a problem.

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