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Posted by More on March 07, 2002 at 23:12:35:
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Now you're thinking........Yes the sediment filter gets placed in line before the city or well water reaches the pressure regulator. And yes the sediment filter fills with sediment and reduces flow and pressure. The filter is usually designed with a removable strainer cleanout, and therefore is usually installed with isolation valves at the filter, so that service persons can shut off the valves on both sides of the strainer, open the strainer screen, wash and remove sediment, and replace it, then open the valves. Usually this process needs to be done three to thirteen times before the sediment is fully rinsed from the supply line and clean water prevails.

: Since a sediment filter filters out particles that can harm the pressure regulator, should a sediment filter be placed before the pressure regulator? Also, the sediment filter will lower the pressure, so the pressure might become too low if it is placed after the regulator maybe?

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