Re: water heater ask Sears if theres a gas valve leak
Posted by More on March 07, 2002 at 23:04:25:
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Hi Paul,

Sixteen months is not a long time for a Sears water Heater. Your close observation of the fluctuations in gas pressure at the pilot light could be very advantageous. The gas pressure regulator that the thermocouple connects to has a spring loaded factory set diaphragm that regulates gas allowable to the pilot, as well as a shutoff that stops all gas flow in the event of a "Flame Out" to protect you and your family from noxious gas. Ask the Sears store where you bought the water heater to provide you with a warrantee related professional (Licensed) service techincian to verify that the gas valve is functioning properly, and to review internal Sears in house documentation to see if there are any other documented claims of problems with the gas valve supplier.

: Hi Terry

: I have a fairly new (16 months) Sears gas water heater. Recently the pilot lite started going out. I cleaned the thermocouple and relite. Within the week it went out again.

: I relit, turned the heat up and watched. This is what I saw;

: Sometimes the flame emitted by the burner large and feathery, like there is to much pressure. The flame extends beyound the thermocouple and blows out the pilot.

: Othertimes the burner works properly emitting a more compact blue flame that is perfectly oriented on the thermocouple.

: What's going on?

: Paul

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