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Posted by hj on March 06, 2002 at 21:59:00:
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Do not listen to the fourth person, the direction is extremely important, but which way it points depends on where it is located. If it is on the return to the boiler, then it points to the boiler. If it is one the supply pipes from the boiler, usually at the top of the unit, then it points away from the boiler. But since the boiler is what is called the point of minimum pressure change, which is why the feeder, expansion tank, and relief valve are attached to it, the pump should not be having an affect on the safety valve.

: I am writing for advice on the installation of a new circulation pump on my 10 year old Weil-Mclain furnace. I have an old house with radiator heat. Last week the pump was making loud screaching sounds and I was recommended to replace it with what the plumber called a "Little Red Circulation Pump".

: Within one day of the installation of the new pump, their were new sounds coming from the utility closet (exact location was hard to determine - maybe from the pipes?) and there was a fast drip from the pressure-release valve pipe.

: The plumbers who installed it first said my damper wasn't working (what they thought was the source of the sound-I wasn't completely convinced) and then said that the leaky pressure release pipe required a new valve replacement (as a result of the increased pressure from the new pump). I sought a second and third opinion, both of whom indicated that the pump was installed "backwards". They knew this because the pump has an arrow on the side indicating the direction that the water should flow into and out of the pump. Right now the arrow seems to point into the furnace (from a layperson's perspective). However, I then heard from a fourth person that it didn't matter which way the arrow went.

: Can you tell me if this arrow that is on the pump is, in fact, significant and if it could be the cause of these undetermined sounds and the drip?

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