Re: Splicing existing 4" PVC drain
Posted by Gary Swart on March 06, 2002 at 01:24:14:
In response to Re: Splicing existing 4" PVC drain
I sure hope they can be buried! I have about 8 of them between my shop plumbing and house plumbing. The clamps are stainless steel, so there should be no problem. All the prep I did was to knock off the crud on the outside of the cast iron. I used a grinder and a rasp to do that, but a file or emery cloth would work fine. Make sure the pipe ends are fairly close together, and mark the one that you will be sliding the coupling on to so that the coupler is more or less evenly spaced on the two pipes. Tighten the clamps and test to make sure you have no leaks before you cover them. I used a flex 90 elbow in my job too, it worked very well to make a slight correction in the alignment of the two pipes, one of them was buried under concrete, so it was immovable. The other was as short length into the sewer and didn't have enough play to connect with solid fittings.

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