Re: Removing cast iron sewer pipe
Posted by Gary Swart on March 06, 2002 at 01:06:50:
In response to Re: Removing cast iron sewer pipe
: I am doing a remodel job in the kitchen, and of course when I tore the wall apart I found the cast iron sewer pipe from upstairs bathroom that I just finished replacing all of the cast iron in my house so I could put a bathroom in the basement. It's a dirty job, but if you have good access to the pipes, rent a snap cutter. I was told a Saws All would work, but not for me it wouldn't. I used a 7" grinder. DIRTY JOB! I knew I had to clamp the vent stack in the attic, but the clamp I used didn't hold. Thank God no one was under the pipe when it came down. About 15' of 4" cast iron is damn heavy. I hadn't planned to replace the vent stack right now, but my plans obviously changed.
Figure out how much room to work you have, then go to the rental store and see what they have that will work for you. Take care.

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