Re: Toilet Flange on basement slab
Posted by edj on March 05, 2002 at 23:31:27:
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: The rough-in centerline for the toilet is 11 1/2 inches from the wall. Should I use an offset flange to install the toilet? Will a 12 inch rough-in toilet fit?

: How do I cut the drain pipe once the concrete is chipped out around the drain? Are inexpensive inside pipe cutters available?

: Kirk

If you 11.5" to the finished wall then a 12" roughin should fit. If its 11.5 to the 2x4's then you may have a problem with the 12". Inside cutting wheels are a cutting disc with an attachment for a power drill, I bought mine for $20 cdn. You have to insure that there is enough pipe between the flange and the fitting below to be able to glue a coupling and new flange on.I haven't seen one but from what I've picked on this sight there are 10" rough-in toilets avalible.Caution,if you do use an inside cutter stuff a rag down the hole, the cutter may come loose and fall off the drill.

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