Re: lots of cold water pressure ,no hot water pressure !!!!!
Posted by edj on March 05, 2002 at 23:00:42:
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: I live in the country with a well and pressure system. Submersible in the well, pressure tank and electric water heater in the bathroom. There is a lot of cold water everywhere in the house(kitchen 20ft away)but no hot.....just a bit off the start then it slowly fades out......shut it off then on a few seconds later.......pressure then fade out.....the pump does not kick in........turn cold on lots of pressure .......pump kicks in. I tried draining the hot water tank and there was a bit of deposit, I had drained it a few years previous and there was a lot more then. This system is apx. 20yrs old, the waters little hard . I turned the cold water to the tank on with the drain open and flushed it a little more, I felt the line off the top off the tank and it was cold,,,,,,,,not hot. I restored everything and turned the hot water on and tapped all the copper line to each area thinking they might be plugged with sediment,this did not work to break anything loose. Im not a plumber and was wondering if the problem is a blocked pipe or perhaps the hot water tank. There is hot water in the tank you just have to keep turning the tap on and off to get it there and when you do it s ony a half a cup or so at a time....thats all i know.

It definitely sounds like a blockage in the piping. If all the hot taps are like this I would look for it at the tank outlet. If your willing, you can try shutting the cold water supply to the tank off and draining out some water.You can try plugging the spout on your kitchen sink and open hot tap then cold to let cold in through the hot line backwards hopefully flushing blockage back into tank.A better way to do this is to disconnect your washing machine from the taps.Take one of the double ended hoses and hook it from hot to cold. These are things you can try but ideally you should check the outlet. Hope this makes sense.

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