Re: Raising the hot water heating pipes in the basement
Posted by Ken Greenaway on March 05, 2002 at 10:12:06:
In response to Re: Raising the hot water heating pipes in the basement
Many thanks for your follow-up. Are you suggesting I can change the 2" pipes in the basement to a one pipe system without changing the pipes in the whole house? It would require major work to strip the house and replace all the pipes. If this is possible to do just in the basement, this might be very viable.
: Since the system has been converted to a pump, and the old pipes are probably extremely oversized for a circulated system, you might be better off jsut installing a one pipe system with Monoflo tees. It will be a much smaller pipe system and should work as good or better than the existing one if it is installed properly.

: : I have a 100 year old house with a terrific old boiler that feeds the hot water radiators through pipes that are hanging below the joists in the basement. Originally, I presume that this was a gravity system, however there is a circlulating pump at the boiler now. I would like to raise these old pipes to the level of the the joists. I will have a plumber do the job. However, some say to never touch the old system, that the new pipes may not work as well. What are the problems that I might face with such a conversion? Is it ok to replace part of an old steel pipe system with new copper?

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