Re: Backflow device an alternative to venting?
Posted by Ed Yelin on March 05, 2002 at 08:57:36:
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: I'm putting a kitchen in my basement, and although the sink will be located right next to the main DWV stack, there's no way to hit a vent pipe anywhere. Can any sort of backflow device be used instead of venting? I would think that the trap stops gasses from entering the room, and the backflow device would stop fluids.

: Alternately, can I vent through a wall (it's a walkout basement) or use a loop vent into the same stack (I'm not sure I understand the physics of loop vents.) Thanks for this great bulletin board.

Hi there. You may use an existing DWV stack as a wet vent for your new kitchen sink, unless the stack receives discharges from a toilet or a kitchen sink located above (prohibited by code). If that is a case, the loop vent will not for the same reason. Your alternative is to use indirect drainage, meaning draining your kitchen sink into a funnel with a trap connected to a DWV stack with 1" air gap. A trap on your new kitchen sink will not be required. And just a note: a backflow device is not an alternative to venting whatsoever. Venting is required to assure proper drainage of the fixture by introducing atmospheric pressure into the system.

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