Need info on how to hook up domestic hot water to a boiler coil
Posted by Scott on March 04, 2002 at 22:42:03:
Hello all!

Just discovered this site, and looks to be very interesting!

I am having some trouble trying to design a system that will recirculate my domestic hot water back to the boiler which has a domestic hot water coil, so it conserves energy plus also using my existing electrical water heater (power off) as a hot water reserve. Then using a mixing valve to mix the boiler hot water so it conserves my domestic hot water even more so it would take a very long time before it would run out. I have digital pictures of the system we've already built, but we got no hot water to speak of...

If anyone would be kind enough to help me engineer out of this problem, I would be very grateful. Plus, I know of some great fishing holes! Hehe! Have a great day!


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