Re: Backflow device an alternative to venting?
Posted by Geoff on March 04, 2002 at 21:34:23:
In response to Re: Backflow device an alternative to venting?
Thanks Gary, I just had a plumber tell me something like that. He called it a "cheater vent" and given that I'm right at the stack, it works for me. I had been thinking of the vent stack as an alternate route for sewage, but on reflection that obviously ain't the case! You're right, I may opt for the backflow protection anyway (and there's bigger ones for floor drains).

: No, the backflow isn't an alternative to venting, BUT, depending on how close to the vent stack you are, you may not need a separate vent. Another workable method is an inline vent. I've had one on my kitchen line for years and it works without a hitch. They just screw into a 1-1/2" adaptor. I would suggest that you use the backflow device as a precaution against, of all things, backed up sewage. Years ago I had the city sewer clog in the manhole below my property. It put about 4" of gray water in the basement. City paid, but who needs it.

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