replacing bathroom subfloor - question on PVC toilet flange.
Posted by Tom Seymour on March 04, 2002 at 16:16:53:
I'm currently remodeling a first floor half-bath, including replacing the vinyl flooring with ceramic tile. After gutting the bathroom, I realized that the subfloor should be replaced as well. The PVC toilet flange is cemented to the 4" PVC sewer pipe, and this will have to be removed to pull up the subfloor. Is it possible to remove just the old flange, or should I plan on replacing a length of the outflow pipe as well. Also, I plan on installing the new flange to the plywood subfloor, and then tile around it. The flange would be about level (or slightly below) the tile, and the toilet would sit on the tile. Does this sound correct? Thank you for your help