studor vent
Posted by Nancy Weber on March 04, 2002 at 14:40:16:
We just put in a new double kitchen sink which has one large sink on the right and a smaller one on the left. A studor vent was located "up" behind the right side of regular size double sink that was there. There was not enough room to leave it behind the new larger right side sink so we cut the pipe and removed the studor vent and stuffed a rag in the pipe for now. It has always smelled bad over the sink area, which I thought was coming from the pipes themselves. My dad says the smell is coming from the studor vent. Do they go bad ? Is there any way to test them ?

Do we need this studor vent reinstalled rather than just capping the pipe ? Another problem is we don't have enough space behind the new sink for it to fit straight up on the right side. How how does it have to be above the P-Trap and what is the floor level ? If there's enough room for it to fit on the left side behind the smaller sink, can the pipe going to the studor vent be bent at angles at all ?

Thanks very much ! nancy

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