Sewage Pump Problem
Posted by Tim Noell on March 04, 2002 at 13:22:40:
I have a submersible sewage pump in a well in the floor of my basement because the main sewer line leaves the basement wall about 2' above the basement floor.

When the 2" PVC above the pump and check valve (approx 10') is empty, the pump has plenty of power to push open the check valve and pump water out (I am testing w/water before throwing "solids" at it). However, when the PVC column is full of water, the pump just runs and runs, but never pushes any water. I have verified that the pump is turning, and therefore have concluded that the pump doesn't have the power to overcome the pressure of the column of water and open the check valve.

Is this a clear sign that the pump is undersized, or if something is wrong w/the pump, or is there possibly some installation problem?


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